Shiatsu Neck Shoulder & Back Massager with Heat - Car Seat Head Rest Ready

Shiatsu Neck Shoulder & Back Massager with Heat - Car Seat Head Rest Ready

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Release all body tensions - Engineered to simulate the real massage of a professional massage therapists hands.

Advanced Technology for Professional-Grade Massaging -Equipped with 4 deep-kneading Shiatsu rotating nodes, this pillow massager works perfectly on your back, neck and shoulder to relieve tensions, tightness, knots, and muscle stiffness.

Heating function for soothing relief - For spa-experience massage, this massage comes equipped with heat function technology that relax, warm, and loose tense muscles and improve blood circulation.

You can sit in a chair or sofa and read a book or watch TV while it goes to work on those muscles spams and knots Enjoy the ergonomic comfort while applying direct pressure

The compact and portable design of this pillow massager fits flawlessly behind your neck and body contours of lower and upper back.

The multipurpose handle straps allow you to place the massager to your favorite chair or car seat. You can use it on different parts of the body like lumbar, waist, leg, calf, foot, thighs and so on.

Its programmed with 20-minutes auto shut-off for security

Its great to use in office and can be set up in your car. Enjoy full relaxation while laying down on the couch as you read or watch a movie, TV or your favorite program.

Relax and Enjoy Yourself Everywhere at Anytime - If you are busy to visit your therapist or spa center, this pillow massager is conveniently designed to bring it with you anywhere to enjoy a real therapists hand massage with just the push of a button.

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