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Anti Snoring Vent Stopper ~ Stop Snoring with Ease!

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Anti Snoring Vent - Our unique design is designed to match the natural shape of the any nostrils.
Thanks to the snoring solution, you can easily maximize the airflow in the nasal passages.
High quality medical silicone in the snoring device allows you not to worry about your health while you sleep.
Anti Snore Products is hypoallergenic, not noticeable, odorless, and does not cause any side effects during the usage.
This anti snoring aids comes in a case which made of perfect quality plastic that protects against dust and dirt. Great for traveling.

How to use:
Choose the size that suits you best.
Gently insert the Anti Snoring Vent Device into your nose.
Quietly go to bed and enjoy a comfortable sleep without snoring.

Package Includes:
4 x Snoring Nose Vents of different sizes - Small, Medium, Large, X-Large
1 x Plastic Travel Hygiene Case