Can You Practice Pilates & Yoga In Compression Socks?

As many of us know, compression socks are great for endurance athletes (runners), professions that stand a lot (nurses), and those who are sitting for long periods of time (sedentary patients, office workers, and travelers). But, yogis and pilates-heads -- can they practice in compression socks

The short answer to this question is, YES! For the long answer, plus a suggestion on what type of compression socks are best for pilates and yoga, keep reading. 

A Match Made In Sock Heaven

To best understand  why compression socks go hand-in-hand with both pilates and yoga, let us first explain briefly how they work. Designed to increase blood flow and reduce lactic acid build-up, this type of footwear (depending on the style) tightly wraps the arch, ankle, and calf in order to stimulate circulation. Ultimately providing improved internal and external support, compression socks assist you in working harder and feeling stronger for longer. 

Now, for those that practice yoga or pilates, you are probably no stranger to times when you have to come out of a move or pose because your legs cramp up or become fatigued. Never a great feeling, with the help of compression socks (especially ones that come over the calf) you can drastically reduce muscle burn out. Furthermore, in light of the idea that practicing this type of sport is all about achieving a “state of flow,” it’s good to note that this type of footwear actually helps you sink deeper by working to release tension while increasing warmth. 

compression socks are truly a wonderful way to improve your pilates and yoga practice. Here to help you along your fitness journey, browse our wide selection of compression socks or contact us today with any lingering questions.