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No one sets out on a run thinking, “I hope this run is long and terrible.” We all want it to feel good. However, despite our best intentions, sometimes runs just feel...blah. While this can sometimes be fixed by simply taking a few days off, other times it can become a problem that you can’t seem to shake.

If this is a common struggle you face as a runner, today’s blog is for you. We here at Best Compression Socks Sale would like to share with you some tips that will hopefully make it easier for you to run. Although we are not running experts, we are deeply committed to creating the perfect pair of performance compression socks that are used by runners all over the world. This mission has fueled our company, and we are quite proud of what we have created. Our orthopedic socks have earned a reputation for improving the performance and comfort of everyone from professional athletes to nurses suffering from swollen feet. Learn more about us, check out our sock collection, and read on to learn how to make your run easier.


The versatility of music’s powers is mind-blowing. This is something we have all likely experienced but can easily forget. If you are dreading your run, try queuing up an energizing playlist. Studies have shown that music can increase motivation and improve running performance.


No matter how exciting the environment may be, we are all guilty of falling deep into the grooves of routine. Whether we are running along the beaches of Hawaii or at the base of the Swiss Alps, after a while our minds can easily become bored. This boredom, coupled with a tinge of laziness, can cause you to dread running. To combat this, consider switching it up and running along a new road or in an area that is new and visually stimulating. This newness can help your run seem faster and more exciting.


Like many other tips on this list, this sounds painfully simple. However, it’s quite surprising how impactful it can be and how many runners skip this crucial step. Getting your blood pumping with a dynamic warm-up can get you in the running mood. Additionally, even if you are not feeling sluggish and dreading your run, warming up is a great habit that can loosen you up, get your muscles stretched, and put you in the workout mindset.


If you are looking outside at less-than-ideal running weather, prepare yourself for this. If it’s cool outside, try tossing on an extra layer and then performing your pre-run warm up inside. Once you finish, you will likely break a sweat and feel much more inclined to tackle your run.


Nothing helps break through obstacles like a good ol’ cup of joe. Turns out this applies to running obstacles as well. According to numerous studies, coffee can boost and energy and reduce your perceived effort. In addition to showing signs of improving sprint performance, it has also been shown to boost endurance because of its ability to delay muscle fatigue. Also, don’t forget to drink plenty of water. Dehydration can cause cramps, dizziness, and fatigue, making running nothing short of miserable.


Running experts suggest replacing your shoes every 300 to 400 miles. While some may consider this too frequent, if you find that you feel that your shoes are making your run more difficult, by all means, give it a try. For those who love to shop, you may find that simply by having new shoes, you may feel a jolt of running inspiration — however, you might not want to rely on this being your main motivator. This could get rather pricey.


Just as the fit and quality of your shoes is important, so is the fit and quality of your socks. Not only are ill-fitting socks one of the main culprits of blisters, but the material of your socks is also crucial to comfort and performance — two things that are needed to enjoy running. If you have never given performance socks a try, this could be the perfect thing to optimize your run. Not sure where to find orthopedic socks that can add support, comfort, and performance to your run? Look no further than Best Compression Socks Sale!


Gone are the days when compression socks or stockings could only be found on your grandmother. Nowadays, you can find them on the feet of practically anyone from pilots to runners to nurses to pregnant women to Olympic athletes. At Best Compression Socks Sale, our orthopedic socks are lightweight, moisture-resistant, and compression supported. When you run with our compression socks, you can rest assured that they will keep your feet dry and cool and that our graduated compression will promote blood circulation, provide tired muscles with much-needed oxygen, and add performance, comfort, and style to every step you take.