You’re asking – How do these Athletic Compression Socks WORK??

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  • Improves Blood Circulation
Support Socks gentle massage your muscles, squeeze veins from the ankle to the calf to promote and increase good blood flow and circulation.

  • Increases oxygen to post-exercise fatigue muscle tissue soreness and helps to prevent leg cramping.
The blood is flowing more freely back to your heart to get oxygenized / with more oxygen to re-energizing your leg muscles.

  • Holds muscles, tendons and bones tight, helping prevent soft tissue damage such as shin splints.

Firm compression minimizes leg jarring and vibration while you pound the ground repeatedly, putting less stress on your legs.

  • Helps prevent Lactic Acid build-up

It’s all about good, oxygenized blood circulation to re-energize, providing less fatigue and discomfort. No more soaking or massaging your legs and feet after a hard lengthy run or workout. Benefits that can last beyond the workout.

  • Boost performance and fast recovery

Wearing Compression Athletic Sock’s improves all the above!

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It not just your everyday gym-goers or dedicated walkers that’s sold on the “benefits” of wearing compression legwear. Compression legwear is popular among athletic long-distance Runners, Basketball, Football, Tennis, and Soccer ball players and everyday individuals that’s on their feet and legs long hours at a time.

If you’re like many, that enjoys feeling the “burn” during your high intensity workout, knowing you have pushed and reached your fitness goal after your exercise section. The high intensity workout you so wanted in that moment, can lead to muscle soreness, we dread or regret a few hours later.

A growing number of studies suggest that the use of athletic compression sock’s, can actually increase endurance and performance and decrease soreness for a faster recovery, during and after a strenuous workout. Read an interesting remark in a 2014 article by a sports physiologist who directed the U. S. Olympic Committee Recovery Center in Colorado…Quote “compression therapy might help recovery without the need for ice or stretching.” (More research is needed to explore this claim, though.)

Since there is NO evidence that compression socks can cause harm during exercise, so you might as well Give them a TRY – see and feel the advantages.